The Wild Women (and men) of wongo

Jo Elaine Wagner


jo elaine and varden maybe

Jo Elaine Wagner catches her mate, Varden Spencer, in WILD WOMEN OF WONGO

Jo Elaine Wagner, the cute, petite blonde of Wongo was the daughter of jockey Joe Wagner and the former Kathleen McNally. She was born in Baltimore, Maryland on June 2, 1940 and, as Jo Elaine Grant, she died on January 6, 1988 in Miami, Florida.




Jo Elaine Wagner photo


Jo Elain Cande and Roberta

Jo Elaine Wagner, Cande Gerard, Mary Ann Webb, and unidentified actress in WILD WOMEN OF WONGO.

Little is know of Jo Elaine’s life outside of her appearance in WILD WOMEN OF WONGO. She graduated from Hialeah High in 1958, her nickname was “Pekinses,” and she worked as a model in Miami for a time. She married at least twice and was also known as Jo Elaine Reynolds circa 1968.

Jo Elaine Wagner's father's photo. Joe Wagner, jockey, he is first on the left

Jo Elaine’s father, Joe Wagner, seen in this publicity photo (holding hair dryer) with other jockeys at the Arlington Race Track in 1935.

Author: Mike Barnum

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2 thoughts on “Jo Elaine Wagner

  1. Hi Mike, Jo Elaine was my Aunt, she was a sweet and caring person!


    • Hello Kevin, and thank you for posting about your aunt. I am very happy to know she was such a sweet person! If you would like to share more about her, please do. I’d certainly love to know more about her life and how she came to pass away at such a terribly young age.


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